Womens Linen Shirts

Every woman adores classic linen shirts. Discover your style, from loose silhouettes to button-down shirts. Shop a range of necklines, fits, and sleeve lengths — all beautifully designed right here in Australia.


    Oversized Linen Tops, Shirts & Shirt Dresses

    Linen shirts and tops offer the ultimate comfort and breathability. Better yet, they are endlessly versatile for everyday wear. Easily transition from casual to dressy with different shirt fits, necklines and sleeve lengths. 

    Dress for all your occasions, from the office to the restaurant, with a classic and timeless linen look that exudes elegance.

    Timeless Elegance: Our Range of Linen Shirts for Women

    Colours for Any Occasion

    The Nomad colour palette is inspired by the changing seasons and our evolving collections but typically consists of soft, earthy tones. White linen shirts offer a clean, classic look that never goes out of style. Light organic coloured shirts, like the beige and cream options, feel effortlessly natural. Darker coloured shirts like charcoal, mahogany and forest green infuse your outfit with a moody sophistication.

    Easy dressing is our signature style. That’s why we’ve selected a neutral colour palette for effortless mixing and matching. Pair almost any coloured shirt with any colour bottom for a quick yet well-balanced outfit. Combine all your tops, shirts, blouses, accessories, pants and linen dresses to create fresh looks every time. 

    Styles & Fits:

    Our women’s linen shirts and tops are thoughtfully designed in a variety of fits to suit all shapes, but we always prioritise comfort. Embrace flattering cuts to elevate your outfit with elegance and refined style. Explore generous loose-cut tops for ease and a relaxed silhouette with our range of oversized linen shirts – ideal for those casual, laid-back moments.

    V-Neck or Collar:

    Opt for a classic look with our V-neck shirts, a timeless choice that easily transfers from the beach to the bar. For a touch of sophistication, shirts with collars add a distinctive and more refined element, ideal for the workplace or a dinner event. 


    With linen, you can count on staying cool and comfortable throughout the day — no matter where your journey takes you. Our tops and shirts are ideal for warm, humid climates and are renowned for breathability, durability, and comfort. 

    Best of all, our linen garments and accessories are designed here in Australia and manufactured in the heart of Bali.

    Sleeve Lengths Available:

    For an elegant look, opt for a long sleeve shirt. Remember, you can always roll up the sleeves of shirts to relax the look further. Alternatively, short sleeve or 3/4 cuffed-sleeve shirts keep you comfortable in the heat, offering a casual vibe that suits many occasions. 

    Shirt Lengths:

    The hemline of your shirts can be helpful to either elongate or shorten your proportions. Consider whether you would like to accentuate or disguise your limbs. Your height will often determine the best shirts for you.

    Hemline Shape:

    Sweeping hi-low hemlines or stylish curved hems add a contemporary edge to your linen outfit. Remember that many long shirts can be worn as a dress. You can also tie your shirts in a loose front knot for a cropped style.

    Pockets or No Pockets:

    Many of our shirts feature functional pockets for added convenience, allowing you to carry small essentials such as your keys or phone. Practical yet fashionable, shirts with pockets are ideal for modern women on the go.

    While you might prefer shirts without pockets for a smooth, bulk-free silhouette, shirts with patch pockets bring added detail that refines your look.  

    Buttons or No Buttons:

    Button-down shirts are your go-to for a classic and enduring linen look. Our shirts feature natural shell buttons and accents, adding subtle yet distinctive detailing that naturally complements linen. 

    Hemline Style:

    Asymmetric hemlines add an edgy touch to your shirts. Sweeping hi-low hemlines and subtly curved hems are more flattering than straight ones and won’t cut you off sharply at one spot. Shirts with a draped hemline infuse your outfit with movement and visual intrigue — perfect for both casual and dressier occasions.

    Outfit Ideas:

    Looking for a complete outfit? Look no further. Our collections offer limitless mix-and-match possibilities. Simply pair your shirts with linen pants, skirts, shorts, tops or jackets to achieve an effortless everyday look.

    Take it a step further by incorporating accessories like a leather bag, linen scarf or linen scrunchie to personalise the look. 

    Premium Linen is a wise investment

    Linen offers comfort and breathability, making it an ideal fabric for everything from short sleeve tees and light tops to jackets, sweats, activewear, and even kids clothing. 

    But, of course, it’s important to be aware that not all linen is created equally. Women’s fashion brands that offer cheap linen items do not reflect the same exquisite quality as our premium French linen. While it might be tempting to save a few dollars in the short term, purchasing a high-quality linen or linen blend garment is an investment to last you the test of time.

    One of the best characteristics of linen is its excellent durability for long-lasting wear. Follow proper linen garment care instructions, and your shirts will be an investment that will last you for years. 

    How to care for linen?

    One of the advantages of linen is that it becomes more soft and supple over time. Show linen the proper love and your shirts will look fabulous for years.

    • Always wash your linen on a gentle cycle using lukewarm water. Be aware that hot water will shrink it. 
    • Wash your white and light-coloured garments and accessories separately.
    • Use a mild detergent and ensure all residue is washed out. Hang to dry naturally rather than tumble drying. 
    • White linen will brighten in the sun, whereas coloured linen should be dried in the shade to maintain the colour.
    • We love the natural wrinkles in linen, but if you choose to iron, use steam or iron your garments while they are still slightly damp.

    Always check the care label of your shirts before washing for specific instructions.

    Beyond Linen

    Of course, our love for natural fabrics extends beyond linen. For seasonal collections, we also source organically grown cotton and other natural fibres like hemp, ramie and bast. Embrace the natural look and feel of our tops, pants, shorts, shirts, jackets and accessories crafted from these enduring fabrics.

    Shop Linen Shirts at Nomad The Label

    If you’re after timeless elegance, you’re in the right place. Our womens linen collection caters to every body type and occasion. Build a wardrobe of quality linen shirts and tops; you’ll have outfit options for years.

    Enjoy our fast and reliable Australia-wide delivery options. And if you're not completely satisfied, we offer a hassle-free return process to ensure your peace of mind.

    Free delivery for purchases over $150* makes your shopping experience convenient and cost-effective. Add these versatile shirts to your wardrobe today!

    Who said sale?

    Our sales are infrequent, and our stock tends to diminish quickly year-round. Your best opportunity is to purchase your shirts and tops now while they are still available. Waiting for a sale risks missing out on our limited collections and new arrivals. 

    The versatility of linen tops allows for endless combinations with different bottoms, shoes and accessories, depending on the style you aim to achieve. As a natural fibre, linen sits comfortably alongside other natural fibres like cotton or hemp.

    Consider pairing linen cami tops and tees with denim jeans, linen shorts, or pants for a casual and effortless look. Tuck a linen top into a flowy linen skirt or high-waisted trousers for added elegance. 

    Shoes should be kept simple. Opt for comfortable and airy shoes to harmonise with the relaxed nature of linen.

    What pants to wear with linen shirts?

    Your pants, shorts or skirts should suit the natural drape of linen. For a flowy look, pair a linen shirt with wide-leg pants for an elegant silhouette. Alternatively, high-waisted trousers add a touch of sophistication to your outfit for an elevated aesthetic. 

    To embody a casual vibe, pair a linen shirt with cropped denim jeans or linen shorts, perfect for laid-back occasions. On cooler days, pair them with linen jackets to complete the look.

    Regardless of your choice, shop for pants that match the comfort and style of your linen ensemble. 

    What shoes to wear with linen shirts?

    Simple, airy shoes will suit your shirts and complement the outfit flow. Of course, the choice of shoes may vary depending on the occasion and your personal style preferences. 

    Sandals, woven flats, or mules are excellent choices for a laid-back aesthetic. To dress it up, consider wedges or your favourite block heels. If choosing heels to elevate your look, ensure they maintain the overall relaxed vibe of your outfit. 

    Loose linen tops can be worn with pants, shorts and skirts. Consider pairing loose tops with fitted bottoms for a well-balanced silhouette. 

    In contrast, linen cami tops are more fitted, allowing you to wear them with various bottoms, like wide-leg pants or denim shorts.

    If you like a loose shirt, explore our collection of women’s shirt dresses. Wear these versatile pieces unfastened as a shirt, paired with flowing or tapered pants. You can even throw them over denim or linen shorts and a tank top.

    How should a women's linen shirt fit?

    Shirts with a generous loose fit or a relaxed silhouette facilitate easy movement without looking oversized. Shirts should drape gracefully over your body without restriction. The objective is to achieve a soft look that ties in with the effortless nature of linen.

    Always pay attention to the length. Shop for shirts that fall at a flattering point on your torso – which will depend on your height and shape.

    Should linen be baggy?

    Linen shouldn’t look baggy. Loose-fitting and relaxed is the desired aesthetic. The key is to find a slightly loose fit that doesn’t sacrifice shape and proportion. 

    Remember that your shirts, tops, shorts and pants should allow movement and comfort without looking too big.

    Should shirts be slim fit?

    Whilst slim-fit shirts can look great, the appeal of linen is its relaxed, flowing nature. We design all our shirts and tops to sit comfortably over the body without restricting movement. 

    For beachwear and casual outfits, shirts that drape and move work best. Our loose shirts will take you from the couch to the cafe in an elegant style. Best of all, there’s no need to change into something more comfortable when you get home. 

    Looking for accessories to match your linen clothing?

    Explore our collection of bags, throws, scarves and scrunchies thoughtfully designed to pair with our linen clothing. Primarily made from linen or linen blends, they provide the perfect finishing touch to all your outfit stories, from a tailored shirt to delicate tops and summer shorts. 

    Our festive tip? Keep a selection of scrunchies on hand – they make great gifts for both women and kids.

    Are linen shirts still in style?

    Shirts are an essential element in every woman’s wardrobe. The best thing about linen is that it never goes out of style. With a collection of white, coloured and stripe shirts on rotation, you’ll always have an easy, stylish go-to option. 

    Style them right, and your beloved shirts will never feel old. Roll the sleeves, wear them with different tops and change up your accessories to keep reinventing this classic garment.

    Is linen or cotton better for shirts? 

    Cotton is soft and lightweight, making it a popular fabric for shirts and tops. However, linen is more robust and will last longer. What’s more, linen is highly breathable and ideal for warm climates. 

    Although some people prefer the softness of cotton shirts, your shirts made from linen will soften and become more lustrous over time. Cotton shirts and tops are still a great option, but they may deteriorate faster, making them the less sustainable option.  

    Can shirts be worn over tops?

    Absolutely! Shirts can be worn unbuttoned over singlets or cami tops for a fresh look. Both short-length shirts and long shirts lend themselves to layering. You can even throw your shirts over swimwear for added protection at the beach.