What’s Trending in Sustainable Fashion

At Nomad the Label, we’re a community of earth-lovers who maintain all due respect for the beautiful world we live in. We are proud to extend these values to our design and manufacturing processes.

Luckily, sustainable fashion is on the rise (we are thrilled to be a part of it!), and there are always new innovations and methods to enjoy fashion in a way that does not harm the environment.

We are so excited about some of these new trends — here is a round-up of what’s happening around the globe in the sustainable fashion industry.

Widespread Eco-knowledge

We know sustainability-minded customers are very smart, and very savvy. When a business implements marketing tactics that appear environmentally-friendly at first glance, but upon further investigation are not sustainable at all, consumers will undoubtedly notice.

This stunt is known as “greenwashing” — conveying a false impression about how environmentally sound a company or its products is — and it makes for a disrespectful attempt at fooling a growing, passionate subset of consumers.

Eco-friendly customers are not one to sit back and accept messages at face value. Environmentally-friendly consumers value knowledge; we value digging into the details; and we value truth, transparency, and honesty.

At Nomad the Label, we love knowing that — due to this ubiquitous knowledge — companies will be held deeply responsible for their sustainability processes. Bring on the true eco-friendly initiatives!

Reusing & Repurposing

Second-hand shopping, repurposing, and recycling is on the rise. While these techniques offer monetary benefits, it appears increasingly likely that consumers are up-cycling and thrift shopping mainly for environmental reasons.

Modern consumers have the effects of consumption at the forefront of our minds. We know that cheap and poorly-made garments, especially ones that rip, tear, or fall apart, generally end up in landfills. There is much fabric waste to be had in our world — but on the positive side, we are collectively becoming more eager to stop it.

There has been a significant push towards an anti-fast fashion movement. As a result, the fashion-obsessed are shopping in lower quantities at higher quality points (for garments that last, and don’t go to waste), buying second-hand, or repurposing old fabric items. Vintage is stunning!

Fabric Innovations

Fabric, as we know it, is changing, and it is incredibly exciting. At Nomad the Label, we are so thrilled about these continuous innovations, as we move towards using only the most environmentally friendly materials possible.

Fabrics are now being crafted from recycled plastics and reusable, sustainable materials. For example: eco-friendly nylon substitutes now exist to reduce waste, and cotton substitutes are on the rise. Plant- and food-based fabrics are becoming increasingly viable for widespread use.

The continuous innovation in this category makes us extremely hopeful for the future of environmentally friendly garments — and we will continue to do our part to bring eco-friendly garments to consumers.

Have a question about the sustainability initiatives at Nomad the Label? Send us a message — we would love to chat. If you’re seeking eco-friendly and ethically manufactured clothing items, take a look through our online catalogue for beautiful high-quality garments you can truly feel good about.