Domestic Travel for the Adventurous Soul

Hey Nomads, we get it. Life feels a bit weird right now.

Where we once used to excitedly plan our next overseas vacation, booking flights and daydreaming — while eagerly anticipating street shopping in Tuscany, or taking in the jaw-dropping sights in Africa — we now can’t see beyond the borders of our own country (for the time being, at least).
Fear not, as this does not mean your wandering soul must stay put.

In some aspects (among much devastation, and our hearts go out to all who have felt the negative effects), we’ve been gifted with a blessing. While the far reaches of the world have previously called out to us, bringing us to the ends of the earth in search of inspiration and adventure — we are now being called on to explore our own backyard.
And what a beautiful country we have to do it in.

Here in sunny Australia, we are blessed with the best coastline in the world (we may be biased). Beaches go on endlessly, and there is no shortage of adventure or lack of adorable oceanside towns.

In the spirit of touring Australia, we are pleased to discuss some lesser-known, and some widely beloved, spots you absolutely must see in our stunning country. Domestic travel blues, no more.


Magnetic Island


If you have never been to Magnetic Island, now is the time. It’s an absolutely gorgeous little island, taken over by friendly wallabies and toad races at the local pub. Wherever you wander on the island, the blue sea is at your fingertips, ready for a refreshing snorkel and dive under the warm sun.

The cool-casual, adventurous nature of the island makes it the perfect pair for our comfy-fit Olive Shorts.




The ultimate picturesque beach vacation. Most of us have seen photos of this white-sand, blue-sea dream come true, but not as many have been there. Now seems like the perfect time to finally take a dive, both into the vacation of your dreams, and (quite literally) into the beautiful turquoise waves. Bonus: awe-inspiring cruises and easy access to the iconic Great Barrier Reef.

At the Whitsundays, you’ll want to live in our beach-ready Carmela Kimono, thrown over a bathing suit for breezy versatility.


Hunter Valley


The Hunter Valley region embodies incredibly fun, lavish vacations, with all-you-can-drink wine for you and your loved ones. Home to an incredible array of wineries and cellar doors, plus scenic green vines on hillsides as far as the eye can see, it makes for the perfect place for a treat-yourself adventure. Plus, with a beautiful selection of cheese and chocolate shops (all our favourite things in one place), you really can’t go wrong.

Imagine our Tuscan Midi Dress among the rows of vines — a match made in heaven!



Echuca is a charming Victorian town steeped in endearing history. The city honours its roots with an old-school downtown district and multiple monuments dedicated to its river-travelling days. The sightseeing is whimsical and fun, with activities including an old-school arcade, a retro Holden museum, and (not to be missed) The Great Aussie Beer Shed, featuring some hilarious hosts.

We recommend our Khari Jumpsuit for a day out like this, for an easy transition from museum-wandering to evening dinner by the riverside.


We hope to inspire some domestic travel excitement for all the nomadic souls out there. It’s time to make the best of the beautiful country we’ve been blessed with, while adding our ever-present international travel cravings to a future to-do list.