Connect to the circular fashion economy: AirRobe x Nomad the Label

Since the inception of our brand, Nomad the Label has honoured our earth. We craft our garments sustainably, with a slow fashion mantra based on all-season, long-lasting apparel. From eco-friendly fabrics to ethical manufacturing processes, sustainability is at our core.


Though our garments are designed to stand the test of time, occasionally a piece no longer suits your lifestyle, preferences, or ideal wardrobe — so we’ve found a way to pair our eco-conscious philosophy with the always-shifting needs of the modern woman.


We’re thrilled to take our sustainability ethos one step further as we do our part for the circular fashion movement.


Introducing AirRobe x Nomad the Label.


We proudly introduce Nomad the Label’s partnership with AirRobe, a technology solution that is powering the future of sustainable fashion. With just one click, brands and customers are connected to the circular fashion economy.


This partnership with AirRobe helps you buy better, resell later, and consciously repeat — a philosophy that we hold near to our hearts at Nomad the Label.


How does it work?


AirRobe makes reselling, renting or recycling your wardrobe easy.


When shopping with us, simply ‘Add to AirRobe ’in one click to repurpose later. This will save your purchased items to your own AirRobe Circular Wardrobe, so once you’ve worn and loved our garments, you can resell, rent or recycle on the AirRobe pre-loved designer marketplace – in seconds.


To access your Circular Wardrobe, just log into your AirRobe account. It’s the easy way to resell your wardrobe, and the more sustainable way to shop.


There are no commitments or requirements to use the AirRobe platform, nor any fees to add Nomad garments to your account. The AirRobe x Nomad the Label partnership simply offers an easy, sustainable way to extend the life of your Nomad pieces in a single click.


Together, we can drive positive, sustainable change through the circular fashion economy.