Behind The Wintermoon Collection: Our Seasonal Fashion Inspo

With cooler months on the horizon, it’s time for cozy-warm fashion to come into play.

At Nomad the Label, we love to celebrate everything nature has to give us: from beachy days under the sweltering sun, to the chilly, rainy, bundled-up mornings. It’s such a dream to reflect this in our clothing each season.

To celebrate Mother Nature’s wonderful transition from warm to cool (and, knowing many parts of Australia, the back-and-forth temperatures from one day to the next) we’ve released our stunning Wintermoon collection.

Featuring versatile pieces to take your wardrobe from one season to the next, it offers the perfect Autumn and Winter staple pieces to keep your seasonal wardrobe at its best — with colours reminiscent of the deep, natural tones of Autumn, such as in our Baja Dress. 

Read on for our inspiration, and major styling moments, behind the collection.

Trans-Seasonal Chic

Trans-seasonal fashion means one very important thing: you can wear an item of clothing year round. This effect is near and dear to our hearts at Nomad the Label.

The trans-seasonal principle means more longevity and wearability from each piece of clothing we own. This is the heart of our slow fashion mantra: each piece should hold a significant place in your wardrobe, and allow you versatile wear for years to come.

This means no more throwing out the old and bringing in the new. We love to help you build a wardrobe that lasts and can be worn all year long.

The Wintermoon collection is our trans-seasonal style dreams brought to life. Each piece can be worn through all seasons, styled with layers including chunky scarves, jackets, and boots in Autumn and Winter — or worn beautifully as-is under the hot sun. It’s year round slow fashion, and we are obsessed with it.

The Bigger The Sleeve…

 Wow, are we happy to say this: puff sleeves are back!

The chicest, boldest moment in long sleeve garments has come back with a vengeance, and she’s here to stay. We’re seeing puff sleeves, billowing sleeves, balloon sleeves, and all the statement-sleeve goodness we can imagine.

 You know we, at Nomad the Label, couldn’t resist this adorable, sophisticated trend. Check out our Milana Shirt design for our take on the stunning puff sleeve — she’s soon to be a trans-seasonal staple in your wardrobe.

 (PS: Vogue states this trend is not going anywhere. That means these pieces can hold a long-term place in our wardrobes — especially when combined with our dedication to quality garments. Cheers to slow fashion.)

Our New Sustainable Fabric: Ecovero

 Of all the excitement this season, this bit of news might be our favourite. We’re proud to announce we’ve gotten our hands on a stunning new sustainable fabric called Ecovero.

 Ecovero is an eco-responsible viscose material made from certified renewable wood resources, using an eco-responsible production process that meets the highest of environmental standards. This contributes to a cleaner environment for us all, with lower emissions and ethical supply chain transparency. In other words: it’s everything we believe fashion should be.

 Check out this new environmentally-friendly fabric in our Luna Singlet Top. We’re sure you’ll fall in love as much as we have!


With love and light,

Nomad the Label