Offset the carbon footprint of shipping your purchase and make a world of difference.

As you know, Nomad the Label stands for sustainability, using natural fabrics, and ethical manufacturing, along with low waste, and a no plastics policy.

So it’s a natural step to be serious about offsetting our carbon footprint. That’s why we’ve introduced EcoCart, where together we can offset 100% of the carbon emissions from shipping our products.

EcoCart can balance every one of the wonderful items we ship with a positive environmental impact. That means the carbon footprint of getting our products to your door is completely neutralised.

But it’s up to you. We make the EcoCart option available to you on check out. If you select EcoCart, you’re making a stand for a better environment.

A small fee is calculated automatically to offset your shipping carbon footprint, and added to your total purchase price.

But you don’t bear that cost alone. We match that amount and EcoCart applies amounts to the Amazon Rainforest Protection project.

So when you choose EcoCart at check out, along with our matching amount, you’re helping to prevent deforestation across over 100,000 hectares of pristine rainforest in the Amazon Basin. It may be a small step, but together many small steps can make a huge difference.